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Marianne Hritz, Owner

Integrative Lifestyle Design

Motivational Wellness & Lifestyle Design

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Integrative Lifestyle Design

Our Mission

Integrative Lifestyle Design consists of  programs designed to direct individuals to discover the life and lifestyle they truly desire.   Most of us are so busy living a lifestyle that is not congruent to our personal style.  We become caught up in routines tired, overwhelmed and sometimes overweight.  

Most of us struggle recognizing our life's purpose.  We're caught up in dead end jobs, our energy is drained, our homes are a mess - Mess is Stress!  It effects our health and well-being.  

The Mission of Integrative Lifestyle Design is  to support those who want to live the ultimate life of health and wellness get back on track and live and love what they do.  We will take a deep look at our lifestyle, career, home environment, relationships, health and spirituality.  Together, we will adapt to small sustainable changes that guide us to a more healthy, happy and joyful lifestyle.  In todays world, we need to take control of our health and understand self-care is health-care.

Ready to get started?  Take a look at what we offer.  I can't wait to meet you and provide you with years of life experience, variety of trainings, expertise in yoga and fitness, energy work for your home and body and much more.

~Marianne Hritz, Integrative Lifestyle Design


Featured Items

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Cosmetic Oils


Marianne believes in eating well and eating whole.  (Wellness and Wholeness come from the same root word).  She believes in eating whole foods and crowding out the less healthy foods that compromise our weight, health and wellness.  However, she may not always eat well and has added important supplements to support her daily routine.  She learned from a dear friend Naturopathic Doctor, about LifeVantage and has used these supplements to improve her own health, after a stressful health situation.  She takes both Protandim Nrf1 and Nrf2, along with probiotics to support gut health.

Young Living

One of Marianne's daily rituals is to use essential oils.  She was introduced to Young Living by a dear friend, Jillene Daloise.  Her initial attraction to these natural oils was to smell good, she has used many designer fragrances and perfumes for years, but became fascinated by the spiritual aspect of what these oils represent.


We will offer a variety of services starting October 1, 2020.  Booking dates are limited to Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at this time.  If you require a weekend appointment, please email Marianne at:


Hritz Wellness

6715 Tippecanoe Road

Canfield, Ohio


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