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My Design Team

Everyone should have a Design Team.  This is a great system to support your overall health and well-being, to keep routines in perspective, to help you look and feel your best.  Marianne wanted to share her “Design Team” with you, so you understand that we all need a personal support group, to keep us aligned personally, spiritually and financially.  She recommends all of them if you are local, if not, seek recommendations, referrals and support wherever you are.


Fitness:  Studio Oxygen Athletics

Mind, Body & Spiritual Wellness Connection

Financial Fitness:  Amy Shope - LCS Private Wealth Group

Keep your finances in order - plan for the future - it will be here  before you know it!

Amy Bio.jpg
Meditation by the Sea

Spiritual Fitness

Please attend church or some type of spiritual group to keep your faith, hope, intentions in check.  We attend church  at St. Michael’s Church in Canfield (grew up Catholic)  But we also love the services at Crossroads Church in Youngstown.  Sunday services air on Facebook @10:30 am.

Face Fitness:  Advanced Skin Spa

Yes I believe this is a thing!  Facials and skincare are really important for how you look and feel, especially aging skin.  My favorite facial for taking good care of my skin is with Jen, owner of Advanced Skin Spa


Design Team


Casal's Day Spa


Jess, Color Specialist


Dr. Robert Lewis, MD

Facial Fitness

Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Susan Woods

Dr. Susan Woods, MD




Dr. Constantine Economus, MD


Women's Wellness


Dr. Kathy Padgitt


Restorative Health & Wellness


Michael F. Hritz, LMT

Back Fitness


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